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Flamenco Bueno

When we decided to organize a flamenco show to fund the Association, I felt that a part of my world would meet the others. So I was hoping that this event would be the spark capable of bursting out new positive energy. The primary aim was to introduce the association to the world of flamenco but also to involve all those who follow the Association’s initiatives, offering them an exceptional event which would have involved many artists on the same stage in a original frame.

Dancers and musicians responded immediately and enthusiastically to our invitation, allowing us to stage a special evening that carried us beyond time and space, such as an extraordinary journey can do.

For our part, until the last minute, we tried to take care of all the details, and at the end it was love at first sight: the atmosphere was enough meaningful to describe the Association.

Thanks to Isabella Fabrizi for her irreplaceable work, to the artists Riccardo Garcia Rubi, Paolo Monaldi, Ana Rita Rosarillo, Sergio Varcasia, Dario Carbonelli, thanks to whom we have been honored by the presence and participation of the bailaora Pastora Galvan, a flamenco star, Manfredi Gelmetti, Federica Lovisi, Loredana Ruggieri and Francesca Stocchi; “Pini Spettinati” Association, which offered us the space supporting the event; and the faithful “crew”, Chiara and Giulia Carmellini, Lisa Corsi, Elisa and Ilaria Epis, Elena Ribichini without which the event would not be so pleasant.

Thanks to Asefeh Esmaeili for taking photos during the event.

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