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How is the project WORLD! ?
Five photographic exhibitions in Rome and throughout the world.

The project put beside the website -built in 2012 by Simone, with the original collection of photographs and paintings- the new site that promotes the association and its programming .

The program was opened with a first meeting dedicated to the association presentation, and is being held with the organization of five exhibitions – the first of which in London in May of 2014 – and that will be completed with the publication of the book WORLD!, printed in a first edition by Simone in 2010.

The exhibitions collect the photos taken in journeys between 2002 and 2013: images that portray a number of countries including China, Japan, India, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Australia, as well as many European countries.

From the first event, scheduled for May 2014 in London, each exibition will be held in two locations in order to emphasize the cosmopolitan nature of the project and amplify the spread. The first exhibition, which will present the Americans shots, will be staged in London and Rome . The exposures with the pictures taken in Europe, Africa , Asia, Australia , will be exposed in a Roman exhibition and every time, in sequence, in Madrid, Paris, Delhi and New York. The images and media necessary staging will be shipped from Rome and cared for by a representative of the association directly at the venue of the exhibition.

The exhibitions will be anticipated by some previews that will take place in several Romans places, that support the project, including Archivio14 , L’illio , Giuda Ballerino, Fermentum , Cinema Teatro Don Bosco, La Frontera.

The photographic events support the Next Generation Project ; on the events will be available make a donation for a photographic reproductions of the images as well as objects related to the project.

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