01. Rome!

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The photo exhibition World! 01 America is in Rome.

The photographic exhibition America! will be presented in Rome on September 14 at the Gallery Rossmut of Rome (Trastevere); it will be open September 14 to 21.

Flock! Do not wait for the next opportunity!


September 14-21

Address: via dei Vascellari, 33 – Rome (Trastevere)

Vernissage: sunday september 14 from 6 pm

Opening time:
monday – thursday 11 am – 1 pm / 5 pm- 8 pm
friday 11 am – 1 pm / 5 pm- 10 pm
saturday 11 am – 10 pm
sunday 11 am-1 pm

Website: www.rossmut.com
Ph: +39 06 5803788

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Thanks to all those who partecipated the vernissage yesterday (14/09/2014), filling up this extraordinary adventure with new energy. Special thanks to the Rossmut Gallery for giving us a space in the hearth of Rome, Luca Bramanti and Paola Proietti for contributing to spread the event on web and newspapers, to Enrico Cappuccini and Giuda Ballerino Restaurant for getting an excellent aperitif. Furthermore, a warm thank you to the Professor Carlo Della Rocca for his constant presence and for believing in us as we believe in the research conducted by him.

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