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The diamond and the earthquake

A few months ago I was asked to describe Simone.
Straight off, and because of my mindset, I said that Simon could be compared, without a doubt, a diamond , which has in itself all the colors and provide it to those who want to move in a new light , in order to see better what is beauty.
In fact, Simone was a force of nature , like an earthquake that came into my life and brought down , day after day, all the useless schemes which have been part of my way of being.
He mainly taught not to be afraid of the new, what you do not know , but accept everything that is new as a challenge.
Once, a friend of mine sent me by email a kind of chain letter that read something like : ” Some people come into your life for a reason , some for a season, other … forever .”
A distance of time I can say that Simone came into my life for a reason, because I needed someone to give a shock in my way of thinking.
Simone came into my life for a season, because this is the time that we were allowed to stay together.
Simone will be with me forever, because it has become my angel.

Bye Simone.

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