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We do not need heroes. But for those who have something to give.

We do not need heroes. But for those who have something to give.

By Roberta Busatto

You can get something from a person you’ve never met?
You can ask questions about yourself listening to the life of another?
Too bad not to have known Simone.
I have not met, yet through him I met a new life force.
That that arises and grows naturally.
That find in fighting an unconditional positive stimulus to demand the best.
I have to thank him. And I want to thank him with all the heroes of our time.
Simone was my age.
I wonder: we need a tragedy to savor the fullness of his being?
And inevitably I look at myself and my life. I do not think. But I know for sure is necessary the perception of suffering and happiness.
You must know how to choose
Living well despite the bad. Simone had learned to do so. And he knew who was by his side to transmit all the power this gives you.
He was not a hero. But he behaved as such. Like all those who manage to get out of themself and enter it in others.
Was able to transform suffering into daily goals more ambitious.
Simon loved living. He wanted to live.
And the real tragedy is when he goes just who deserves to stay.
Now the sense of its passage lies in the eyes and in the skin of those who lived it.
Too bad not to have known Simon.
But maybe it should just go that way. Just so I can tell that in the wake of his passing.
We do not need heroes, but of those who have something to give.

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