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Event December 8th: the presentation of the Association.

Thanks to the presence of a large number of supporters and efforts of those who have contributed to the realization of the event, on the evening of presentation of the Association has clearly shown the whole spirit of our initiative. Starting from the initial idea to print the photographic collection that Simon has printed in a first edition in 2010, to raise funds for research on osteosarcoma we came to the creation of a broader program that takes place in this first phase through the project WORLD!; the primary goals are essentially two: the transmission of the experience of Simon, who, on a broader sense, leads us to consider the possibility of living the best life in all conditions and raising funds for research on osteosarcoma, through the construction of five exhibitions for the five continents.

In particular, the focus of these days is devoted to looking for supporters who want to help bring down the exhibitions costs and, cotemporary, to identify a specific goal to make direct and clear the destination of subscriptions and donations.

Through the fundraising campaign and the money raised from the annual membership fees of 145 new members, on the evening of December 8 was collected 2,513 euro, which constitute valuable basis for future initiatives.

The great success of the event was made possible thanks to the active collaboration of volunteers Chiara e Giulia Carmellini, Nayantara Fiasconaro, Paolo Minunno, Elena Ribichini, Valentina Seput e di  Contents Studio, Eckosound, GiudaBallerino!, Graphicolor, L’Idillio, Marco Venturi, Progresso Stampa.

A special thanks to Carlo Della Rocca, professor of Pathological Anatomy (Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Sapienza – University of Rome) for his intervention.

Barbara Tetti


Some images from the event:


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