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Who can be a member?
Anyone who wants to share its purposes.
The Association is open to all who wish to support medical research and also to use the tool of dissemination to sustain those affected by the disease, and those who are involved secondarily, to support any interest that might make the form of vital impulse efforts the many efforts spent in the battle against the disease. The share of each episode, defeat, slaughter and victory, has fueled our belief that the first instrument against illness is to make every day a day of ‘Life’.

How to join?
Through the annual membership fee or donations and contributions.
Become associated with the payment of an annual fee and the acceptance of the card of the Association; every member can participate in all initiatives and intervene in the assemblies. In addition, through special personal contributions, such as those relating to scientific research and efforts in the medical field, or through generous donations can be approved among the honorary members.

Join Now!
Do not wait: every day is important to study the causes of the disease and to find the best strategies to help those who suffer from it.
Your membership is important to ensure the realization of events to transmit to those who have been involved in a story linked to cancer the message that comes to us from Simone’s twenty-year battle against osteosarcoma and support with fundraising.

Join now with a subscription of € 11 * by the following methods of payment:

– Credit Card (by PAYPAL)


– Bank Transfer

IBAN: IT08H0760103200001016602284

By this way of payment an email to comunicate the payment is required , by writing to: and specifying name, surname and postal address to receive the card.

* annual membership fee € 10 + membership card refund shipping costs € 1

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