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ONLINE Event January 22th:

Today, just today 22 January, you can donate the value of 1caffè to the Association, connecting to the site

Via short text message (SMS) (via the Bemoov, after free registration) or with PayPal, you can offer us 1 Coffee at a cost of 1 euro (Bemoov) or 1.4 euro (PayPal) or, if you really like the project, 1 Breakfast at a cost of 5 euro.

1 Caffe Onlus will collect your donations and wil donate it to the association of the day.

1 Coffee Onlus does not keep anything for himself. From the donation is deducted only the pure cost of the transaction, which includes bank charges (which were reduced to the minimum with effort…) and the cost of the sms you receive a confirmation for your safety.

In the case of Bemoov is only deducted a total of about 15 cents on the donation of 1 euro and 30 cents on the donation of 5 € (This is because one of the bank fee is a percentage).

We would like to point out also that the donation is done by sending a text message, the cost of which depends on whether or not the contract that each of you have with your service provider.

In the case of Paypal, however, find the costs on their website, under “paypal for non-profit organizations.”

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